Friday, January 22, 2010

Raging Bull Breaking The Neck?

And again today, there are much more things worth to focus on today, but a la cynical Le Fly' s "Trading Crazy":
This current slide is a bit different than the ‘09 variety. I am seeing aggressive selling, spearheaded by retarded government policy mishaps. The end result: bulls are having their faces punched in by burlap boxing gloves.

In closing, I sold a little bit more today, upping my cash position to about 16%. I am taking hits and not enjoying the carnage. Nevertheless, it is my belief we shall bounce soon and hard. instead of adding to names here, then having to worry about it over the weekend, I elected to “slow my roll” and reserve my buy orders for Monday, which may coincide with The PPT’s legendary oversold reading (below 2.30).

I have no clue at all, but ECRI' s US WLI media appearance wears a horror label, but for the second derivative only. On a "one way Wall Street" is has no meaning at all, but I still feel OK with Merton and Dividends ...

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