Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Nomura: US Factory Orders Rose Because Of Higher Gasoline Prices

While media focuses on headlines of factory orders, the real picture may be a bit different to Keynesian dream that either neglects or intentionally sees compression of corporate margins.

However, the economists at Nomura explain today:

US factory orders rose 3.0% m-o-m in March exceeding market expectations of a 2.0% increase. Although the solid growth in orders partly reflected healthy growth in the manufacturing sector, price effects of higher input costs to some extent drove up the US dollar value of orders for US manufactured goods. Orders for nondurable goods jumped 3.1% in the month, part of which was led by a 7.8% m-o-m increase in orders for petroleum and coal products. The solid gain in overall orders should be viewed with caution because of price effects, as orders for goods excluding petroleum and coal products rose by only 1.7% m-o-m compared with the 3.0% increase in orders for overall products.

Well, probably Fed will discover someday the difference between nominal and real growth, which one is to drive the employment ...

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