Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spanish Insolvencies

You thought that situation in Spain is stabilising? Well, the analysts at German Commerzbank write today:

According to provisional data of the national statistical office, the number of insolvencies in Spain reached a new high in the first quarter. The recovery of autumn 2010 was therefore short-lived. The property sector’s share of bankruptcies remains strikingly high: Property developers or construction companies accounted for nearly a third of all business failures. This persistent concentration shows that the consolidation of the Spanish real estate market is still not over. At the same time, house prices continued their downward trend: At the end of March the house price index had fallen by a further 4.6% yoy. Pressure on asset quality in the credit portfolios of Spanish financial institutions therefore appears likely to continue for the time being.

Click on charts to enlarge, courtesy of Commerzbank.

Right, all is contained and under control, as always ....

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