Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Profit Margins Again

It just happens, as a follow-up on the post from yesterday, also the economists at BCA Research made their conclusions on the corporate profit margins yesterday. So, here some excerpts to consider:

Ultimately, the health of the corporate sector depends on the financial health of its customers. Thus, the divergence between rising profits and weak growth in real consumer incomes will have to change. Historically, the growth in real profits has been correlated closely with that of real consumer spending, and the wide gap in the current cycle represents a major aberration.

I have discussed the real consumer spending and especially the incomes that should drive that spending here earlier. So, here are the mains points about margins, according to BCA Research:

To conclude, the corporate sector has been enjoying a very favorable set of circumstances that will not persist. This does not mean that profit margins are about to plunge. Companies will remain intensely focused on cost control and boosting efficiency, and the weak dollar will continue to provide support to overseas earnings. However, it is hard to see margins moving higher from current levels in the coming year.

Margins and thus profits will face a severe challenge during the next recession. The ability to repeat this cycle’s aggressive cost cutting will be minimal, and pricing power will be under pressure. If we are going to have a mean reversion of margins, then that is when it will occur. A severe margin squeeze does not seem likely while the economy is still expanding.

All in all, not bad? Just imagine how much money has been thrown at non-existing problems. Save that challenge for next recession, while at least couple of bears were growling also today ...

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